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About Bayan Shamal

Written by Ahmad Farid Kazmi on . Posted in Live Streaming

BMC (Bayan Media Center) is one of the biggest Media Centers of its time in the Northern Afghanistan based in Mazar-e-Sharif city of Balkh province providing Free Media Product Services to our Afghan National Defense & Security Forces, GIRoA and Civil institutions in the North.
In its formation, BMC has five Media Branches consists of  Radio, TV, Print, Analyze and Assessment and website of bayanshamal which all reflects multiple media information for the Afghan populations in nine provinces of North and Northeast.
Radio bayanshamal the loved frequency has 95% of its fans in the North, Print the most efficient product presenter’s section is presenting all its publishes in the same areas, TV clips the most watched clips in local TV stations of North having inclusive fan, A&A the precise information observation unit and website of bayanshamal the fastest news and product presenters in the public are Combined Media Groups working under the frame of Bayanshamal Media Center.


Visit Their website www.bayanshamal.com