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What is a domain name?
Domain Name is the name of your website on the Internet.
Domain names generally consist of two main parts name and extension. Name part is your wish as ( No one register before you ) and the extensions are selected on the basis of international rules and procedures are determined . There are many extensions that have been created, each for a specific purpose (eg . Com for business, Tv television networks . Af for Afghanistan sites or national scope ), you can select any of the extensions available for your domain.

In selecting your domain name, note the following:
- This is a global service and there is no possibility of modification of the domain name registration in the selection of the initial note the name carefully.
- The domain name short and understandable, and is particularly associated with the work.
- At least 1 year registration is accepted if a domain is not renew it will be available for public use
- You can register a domain name from 1 up to 10 years.

Some popular domains:
.COM for Commercial use
.AF for Afghanistan people
.ORG for organizations use
.NET for network
.GOV for America’s government
.EDU for Education use

The history of the domain:
On 15 March 1985, the first commercial domain name (. COM) Symbolic called by a company called Symbolic computer systems were in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Range of less than 15,000 in 1992. COM was recorded.
In December 2009, there were about 192 million domain names that are part of a popular range . COM, respectively, On 15 March 2010 the number reached nearly 84 million, including 11.9 million online business and e-commerce websites, entertainment websites 4.3 million, 3.1 million finance related.

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