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Facebook Advertising

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•    Advertise your product or business on biggest Social platform (Facebook)
•    Meet the people who love your business
•    Create targeted adverts and offers for all the right people based on their age, interests, location and more.
•    Promote your Page, Websites or a single Post.
•    People visiting Facebook see your boosted posts and adverts
•    Increase Local Sales with Facebook
•    Pay only for clicks you get.
•    Easy and effective Facebook Ads
•    Choose the audience for your Facebook Ads
•    Set your budget and track your results Online




Charges %

Charges Fee

Daily Based (5$)

Daily Based (10$)


50 $

20 %

10 $

10 Days

5 Days


100 $

17.5 %

17.5 $

20 Days

10 Days


150 $


22.5 $

30 Days

15 Days


200 $

12.5 %

25  $

40 Days

20 Days


+ 250 $

10 %

25 $

50 Days

25 Days

About Us

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Kazmi Host starting their services first time in 2008 with different name and had couple of services like space, web designing and IT services then in 2009 it named Afghan Host which provide more services like space, web designing, IT Services and  online Sales.
And in the earlier in 2011 Afghan Host became Kazmi Host with registration license no D 01-677 under AISA which has more services like Registration of Domain, Host, Designing variety of websites, Databases and Online shop and IT services with training Networking and Web designing and beside we have some other services under Kazmi Services.

Our Services

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E-Mail Hosting

Domain & Web hosting

National & international domain registration with unlimited space.

Cloud Hosting

Web Design & Database

Web Designing, E Commerce Website. Database Development.


Mobile Apps Design

Design mobile apps for Android, IOS or windows phones.


Live streaming TV-Radio

live broadcasting TV and Radio On website or Dedicated page.